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If we exclude articles, prepositions and conjunctions, out of a total of 25 words we have 13 polysyllabic words: 6 trisyllables, 5 quadrisyllables and even 2 pentasyllables.
When a member of the opposition asked an awkward question, Gladstone would reply at length in long convoluted Augustan sentences full of polysyllabic words accompanied by Greek and Latin sayings.
As pointed out above, masculine line endings can be stressed and unstressed, and the unstressed syllable on position 10 may be created by a polysyllabic word or by a weakly stressed or unstressed monosyllable, such as a preposition or a conjunction.
Thus, a morpheme is typically a syllabic (occasionally polysyllabic) component of a polysyllabic word.
It considers the cognitive demands associated with combining more than two phonemes (consonant and vowel sounds) and then accurately encoding (spelling) them in the context of polysyllabic words.
Having never taken organic chemistry, I didn't know and therefore didn't care that pelagic plastic has the peculiar propensity to adsorb hydrophobic, lipophilic, polysyllabic toxins such as dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (a.
I find it hard to plow through the polysyllabic nouns and keep the characters and locations straight--or even to know whether the noun is a place or person
As King came to his line, he seemed to recognize the awkwardness of such polysyllabic phrasing, historian Taylor Branch writes, and decided to speak instead from the heart.
Richard Proudfoot follows a single line of evidence, the polysyllabic words that appear at the end of decasyllabic lines, and finds that the patterns of Double Falsehood fit the hypothesis of a Fletcher-Shakespeare adaptation better than the notion of a newly created play.
The interplay between the tetrameter beat and the varying feet--amphibrachs, dactyls, trochees, and iambs--creates a delicate rhythm, which takes its cue from the polysyllabic cluster in the eponymous 'amethysts'.
Based upon a book, the film strives to be historically accurate and much of the weighty dialogue in polysyllabic English (as testament to the level of education of the superior classes of the time) is devoted to explanations of the various arguments and attitudes of the political movers and shakers in 1865, four years into the Civil War.
For over a generation, scholars have been encouraged to prattle in polysyllabic codes.