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Except in a few descriptions of the French country--the incredible song of a lark in the silence of guns, the shy grating of a cicada, however improbable in northeastern France, the slow progress of a horse-drawn coffin-laden cart along dirt roads, or the hard work of poor farmers--, one does not feel the lay of the land, the flesh-and-blood identification with it, "that ponderable though passive recalcitrance of topography" which young Chick Mallison experiences in the opening paragraph of Intruder in the Dust.
The practical utility of the life cycle concept is that the huge majority of the products have a limited life a time that is going shorter due to the technical progress and due to some economical phenomenon and processes being ponderable for different stages of these products life cycle.
3) That this variation of the curvature of space is what really happens in that phenomenon which we call the motion of matter, whether ponderable or ethereal.
Durang will be in Worcester this week to maybe ponder other such ponderable questions as a guest of the College of the Holy Cross.
The deployment of low-yield nuclear weapons will surely help make the unthinkable at least ponderable when a tricky strategic threat presents itself--as one surely will--in the future.
The left-back position is the one ponderable but Rangers look strong at the back, Fernando Ricksen is showing great versatility in midfield and Bob Malcolm is delivering consistency in the middle of the park.
He's conjured up some well regarded players without breaking the bank and ones who have experience allied to skill but whether they gell into a formidable unit that can rule the Premier is a ponderable.
To put is simply, a discarnate supersensory hylic ponderable somatic macrocosm that lifts the nebula tectonics to a sphere never before encountered on a rubbish dump.
As Smuts was compelled to confront it, prehistory proved its utility for rationalizing the European presence on the continent, and indeed for recasting the whole affair in the far more measured and ponderable longue duree of paleoanthropology and prehistory.