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The PML-N is pondering over three names including Nawab Sanaullah Zehri, Mir Jan Muhammad Jamali, and Nawabzada Changez Khan Marri to pick next Chief Minister of Balochistan.
A similar lack of pondering surrounded the dismissal of the Government's Chief Scientist, deteriorating, as it often does, into the usual media political row about Ministerial power.
Whenever a plane flew overhead, these aged rustics would stop their work and gaze skywards, pondering the peculiarities of our existence.
Authors Gresh and Weinberg comb the Bond films, pondering the scientific credibility of each death-defying leap, super equipped vehicle, and ingenious weapon.
CALM, MUSING, CONFUSED, SERENE, SHOCKED, pondering, cupped on wordless, hands the breasts that soon will suckle the Incomprehensible Mercy, she is hardly able to comprehend what just happened, utterly unable to imagine what will happen, a teenage girl alone and amazed and rapt in the russet light.
A potential purchaser is pondering a bid for garden centre Wyevale, the Hereford company revealed yesterday.
Seemingly self-sufficient amid the benevolent wild, he nevertheless gazes broodingly out of the frame: possibly pondering the sublime, but probably listening for the unseen creature the trap awaits.
While those jailed at Teesside Crown Court yesterday ponder the cruel nature of their capture they might also get around to pondering the 'fairness' of supplying addictive illegal Class A drugs to addicts on our streets.
Still, a question worth pondering is whether corporate brands are more like the shining stars or the cold dark matter of the universe--out there somewhere, but emitting no discernable energy.