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It's a bitter irony, then, that Scott and his vast array of technical wizards spend the next two hours committing an act of plodding and ponderous recreation.
For the benefit of Pepys and other ponderous readers I am typing this response slowly.
No doubt the red tape involved in such an eviction makes the process a ponderous one, but surely a vetting procedure which dumped this individual on his neighbours needs to be looked at.
Pakistan, opting to bat first, had built nicely around Afridi's quickfire 70 to reach a total of 287 for nine with opener Kalid Latif contributing a steady, if occasionally ponderous 64 and wicketkeeper batsman Kamran Akmal providing acceleration at the end with an unbeaten 67.
The clamps and bolts which fastened the shutters to the windows, the ponderous locks and still more ponderous keys, which weigh a pound each, are yet in the building.
LLANDOVERY put their poor form of the previous week well behind them when they were determined and decisive winners against a listless and ponderous Vale side.
2 : slow or clumsy because of weight and size <The elephant moved with ponderous steps.
over my shield arm--a ponderous weight to ferry so far across the
dispersed the ponderous bluebottles battened on it, and she shoved the
But it did seem daft to use such an elderly and now ponderous figure at centre back as Lilian Thuram, memories of those two marvellous goals against Croatia in 98 a distant memory, and it seemed absurd to make use of as young, vigorous and driving element as Diarra in a laborious central midfield.
The Prince opened the Langton Dock by moving a lever, when the ponderous gates, acted upon by hydraulic power, opened slowly and almost noiselessly.
Scholars work diligently inside a system that values print for dissemination, but practitioners opine that the practicalities are embedded within ponderous articles rife with academic language and form.