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The ponderously named Statuary Hall Study Commission was no doubt happy last week to hand state lawmakers the final job of deciding which two historic figures should represent Oregon in a national collection on display at the U.
Sometimes, it is eye-rubbingly difficult to believe how laborious this Van Gaal team is - head-scratchingly baffling to see such an array of talent operate so ponderously.
It opens somewhat ponderously, and the section that describes Eileen's early life does not suggest how good this book is going to become.
Or, as the voice-over ponderously describes the MOTD studio: "Where the scalpel of analysis must be held firm.
The teacher cannot understand his students' hatred or violence, but neither can he understand modernity in general: he tries to make sense of the present through his knowledge of the classics, speaking ponderously of the timeless indifference of God, and he feels at a relatively young age that he cannot keep up with the pace of life.
Visits to his childhood home in Stratford were de rigueur for 19th-century American tourists; their ambivalent reactions to the "small mean looking edifice" are voiced in a charming 1820 essay by Washington Irving and in a ponderously satirical 1903 story by Henry James that seems to go on forever.
The 345-metre flagship of the Cunard Line Company was a sight to behold, as her gargantuan form ponderously sailed to the coast of Kerala.
The pseudonymous author had been to the Royal Academy of Arts in London to see an exhibition of Soviet graphic art assembled by the ponderously named USSR Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries.
Go Pro's bolstering their position with some ponderously skilled types.
The fight bits certainly are reminsicent of Infinity Blade as you take on brutes that are many times your size and move ponderously but with destructive intent.
This is pretty much the first text of its kind as it pulls together information that is more ponderously covered in a range of sub-specialist texts and presents it succinctly as it pertains to the anaesthetist and intensivist in daily clinical practice.
As I lookup I can see the surface glittering and fluttering above me and the black hull shapes of the sailing boats in the anchorage hanging ponderously overhead.