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And as he puzzled over the covered pit, there loomed suddenly before his mental vision a huge, gray-black bulk which lumbered ponderously along a jungle trail.
With lowered forehead, without looking up, swiftly and ponderously he crossed the room to one of the French windows.
It's a society," he explained, standing ponderously by the side of the arm-chair, "not anarchist in principle, but open to all shades of revolutionary opinion.
We don t need to ponderously analyse a lot of this data now we can enter data and have it analysed immediately.
And so the expensive, ponderously designed campaign logo was felled by the forces of crowdsourced satire in 72 hours.
Directed by Anton Corbijn, it all looks gorgeous but the pacing is often ponderously slow.
Directed by legendary photographer Anton Corbijn, it looks as gorgeous as you might expect, but the pacing is often ponderously slow.
Gareth Barry, although better on Thursday, takes a frustratingly long time to release the ball and, most annoyingly, for the entire season our manager has stood on the touchline, arms folded ponderously, looking as calm as ever.
The ponderously named Statuary Hall Study Commission was no doubt happy last week to hand state lawmakers the final job of deciding which two historic figures should represent Oregon in a national collection on display at the U.
The book is ponderously titled Waterfowl Hunting and Wetland Conservation in Missouri--A Model of Collaboration.
Sometimes, it is eye-rubbingly difficult to believe how laborious this Van Gaal team is - head-scratchingly baffling to see such an array of talent operate so ponderously.
This was in direct contrast to the South Kensington system of teaching practised in every other art school in the country and Chamberlain's building was an architectural two fingers up at the establishment represented in the form of the adjacent ponderously classical Council House built six years earlier.