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The pages are laden with particulars, yet the prose never descends into ponderousness or pedantry.
There is some superb observation, such as the two elephants in Melbourne Zoo 'pacing anti-clockwise round and round/the oval concrete pond', the description of the animals' behaviour caught in iambic rhythm which suggests their ponderousness and the monotony of their lives.
Director Sam Mendes establishes a mood of such pervasive gloom and ponderousness that when it comes time for merry reversal and romance, his laborious staging of "As You Like It" can't quite shake off the pall.
96) Spingarn, a brilliant comparativist specializing in the literary criticism of the Renaissance, attacked French literary history as a whole for its fastidiousness, insularity and ponderousness.
Nervy souls, for sure, but what a glorious lack of ponderousness in compensation.
At times its ponderousness and slavish adherence to the graphic novel slows it to a crawl.
This case illustrates the limits of the law, more specifically, the ponderousness and subjectivity of the judicial process.
Rhetorical devices such as irony, mockery, satire, and even burlesque neutralize the ponderousness of the subject matter and turn the weeklies into entertaining social forums instead of austere moral pulpits.
In general, Page balances her more lyric passages with others containing either light word-play or matter-of-fact details in order to avoid unqualified Romanticism and ponderousness.
There is a lovely set of quicksilver Istanbul sketches: barbers, the solitude of street food (an escape from the gregarious ponderousness of family meals), giving up smoking ('I no longer feel the chemical craving .
After one stop and a glimpse of the tasteless decorations, mixing Stalinist ponderousness with a sort of kitschy, plastic levity, we were urged off the train and up into the outside world again.
And indulge he did, with an artist's passion but, also, an obsessive's ponderousness.