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I forced myself to ponder upon the sound of the crescent as it should pass across the garment -- upon the peculiar thrilling sensation which the friction of cloth produces on the nerves.
Lovell, a construction company declared that it has entered into a Au50 million contract for the redevelopment of Ponders End.
n ng ponders famous I've fan letters n-yearmeone "What is it about this little man?
Along the line, she met her husband-to-be, Bill Ponders, also an Air Force AWACS officer; they now live in southern New Hampshire with their two children.
Ponders is distinguished as one of the first American women to fly in a combat zone, and those experiences inform both this novel and her first, The Art of Uncontrolled Flight.
Author Kim Ponders served in active duty in the Air Force during the first Gulf War and was one of the first female aviators in American history to fly in a war zone, so the setting and protagonist in her novel THE LAST BLUE MILE are strikingly realistic portrayals.
The author details how science in both Western and Eastern cultures has always been a form of rebellion against prevailing attitudes Other essays explore whether science can be ethical and consider such topics as nanotechnology, pacifism, amateur astronomers, and Isaac Newton Finally, Dyson ponders the connection between religion and quantum physics and the possibility of paranormal phenomena New York Review of Books, 2006, 360 p.
Deal Includes a Supply Agreement and Ensures Continuity of Production and Employment at Ponders End Facility
He has also created an Internet community of ponders through his website at www.
Ultimately a parable about the violence, greed and fanaticism that prevent humanity for advancing in its spiritual goals, Voices of the Living Grail is a suspenseful, engaging, and vividly told novel that embraces the virtues of true spirituality even as it ponders higher mysteries, as well as the crueller mortal mysteries concerning man's inhumanity to man in the name of God.
Survivalist theme notwithstanding, it seems this trapper's needs are less than pressing; he stands and ponders light filtering through the tree canopy as lingering shots of the forest coalesce and dissolve.
As one mismatched, argumentative couple ponders breakup by the end of episode 1, another copes with a partner's "runaway bride" reputation.