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Poniard is evaluating intravenous picoplatin in an ongoing pivotal Phase III trial known as SPEAR (Study of Picoplatin Efficacy After Relapse), in SCLC.
Pottington Postlethwaite III with the solid platinum poniard just as she flatted on the top note of the "Bell Song" from Lakme in the presence of fifteen ill-assorted guests; the same ingenue in fur-trimmed pajamas screaming in the night to make the company pop in and out of doors and ball up the timetable; the same moody silence [the] next day as they sit around sipping Singapore slings and sneering at each other, while the flatfeet crawl to and fro under the Persian rugs, with their derby hats on.
But in fact my first reaction when asked by Jeffrey Di Leo to contribute to this Forum about the NATC (inevitably pronounced nat-see) was not to sharpen my poniard but to exclaim, "Good God
In the Enchiridion, the Greek word for a poniard and a manual, Erasmus adds the authority of Jerome, Ambrose, Augustine and Origen to that of classical orators, poets, and philosophers in order to fashion a program for a Christian life centered on the example of Jesus Christ.
When Matilda returns, she is clothed in a sable robe and a phallic poniard is "fixed" in a "girdle of precious stones.
Pottington Postlethwaite III with the solid platinum poniard just as she flatted on the top note of the 'Bell Song' from Lakme in the presence of fifteen ill-assorted guests.
In the past, Rea was employed with MDS Pharma, Targeted Genetics, AVI BioPharma, Poniard Pharmaceuticals, Protein Sciences as well as Therapeutic Proteins International.
62), discussed above, see also the closet scene in The Duchess of Malfi, act 3, scene 2, in which Ferdinand gives the Duchess his father's poniard for the purpose of suicide (John Webster, "The Duchess of Malfi" and Other Plays, ed.
23 December 2011 - US biopharmaceutical company Poniard Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:PARDD) announced that its planned merger with local sector player Allozyne Inc had been terminated after a mutual agreement between the two parties.
Leitrim edged ahead thanks to points from David Poniard and Liam Burns but Longford continued to be goal hungry.
Winston has not had much to cheer recently, but it was like old times for the one-time jockeys' championship leader when he completed an 883-1 double on Poniard for trainer David Barker in the 7f handicap.
He hid his poniard behind his back, lying on top of his kneeling sister as if to kiss her, but instead thrusting his knife between her legs, simultaneously killing her and their unborn child.