poor administration

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Dubai: Former West Indies Test star Dinanath Ramnarine minced no words in blaming poor administration of the game behind the Caribbeans' slipping away in the game's pecking order.
The activists have been staging protests against the government since two months ago, protesting poor administration and failure to collect piling trash and waste in several regions particularly the capital.
Areas of concern were also highlighted which includes instability in councils, poor administration leadership, non-compliance to legislation, poor quality of annual performance reports and annual financial statements as well as poor information technology controls.
The Minister for archives, information and local government Sharjeel Innam Memon said Sindh government had already released necessary funds to the DMCs to diligently meet the expenses to be accrued on dispencing the municipal jobs and hence there was no reason left to see the assigned task suffered due to lack of management and poor administration.
A number of different factors have contributed to this growing crisis including sanctions to people's benefits, reassessments to disability and sickness benefit and poor administration of benefits.
Political analysts link increasing unemployment in Herat to poor administration and the lack of job-creating projects.
The report concluded overlapping regulations and poor administration are the main source of unnecessary regulatory burdens in the local palm oil industry, mainly the upstream.
Pointing that the situation after the disaster turned grave due to the poor administration of the Uttarakhand government, Modi appealed to voters to not trust the Congress as its leaders are habitual liars.
The tragedy is that poor administration not only wastes public resources it devalues the excellent WORK of the doctors and nursing staff who dedicate their WORKING lives to the service of others.
People are suffering under her poor administration and we are busy keeping her.
I am deeply disappointed by that, but it's because of poor administration that courts had to take matters into their hands," said Waqar, who took 373 wickets in 87 Tests for Pakistan.
SARGODHA -- Journalist association in Sargodha district on Tuesday held protest demonstration against police for registering a case against a private TV channel for airing news relating to poor administration, law and order situation.