poor prospect

References in classic literature ?
Ferrari and her trap have but a poor prospect before them.
Guppy, "--I mean, now, Jobling--you may say this is a poor prospect of a living.
That Medvedev is a poor prospect even for PM was confirmed when Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said he would not work in a Cabinet led by Medvedev and was promptly fired by the president in a fit of peak.
But none of them really speak to one another; they were crafted as monologues--each a pedagogue and, as such, a poor prospect for hashing out the means to a better society.
Newell speaks first about why early-Europeans saw New England as such a poor prospect.
A tool with edge chipping is another poor prospect for TiN coating.
Although Bumble Bee pulled in $285 million last year, its status as number three in its industry seems to make it a poor prospect for future growth.
Biosimilars on the other hand remain a poor prospect, although new legislation allowing their sale will make the market a possibility for the future.
To deny that prize-money levels are giving the vast majority of owners an increasingly poor prospect of a return is to avoid reality.
Due primarily to the poor prospect of economic growth in the second half of the year, Tradition revised its crude forecast from $71 per barrel to $75 while the natural gas forecast was revised down from $5.
However, short timeframes coupled with a poor prospect for
Domestic players lag behind, and poor prospect from profitability point of view has made foreign players apprehensive.