poor quality work

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The study found that 40 percent of the problems were related to poor quality work, 40 percent administrative issues, and 20 percent from lack of safety and security measures.
He also failed to demonstrate professional diligence resulting in poor quality work of little value, employed aggressive trading practices to secure additional work and payment, and failed to provide information about the nature of the works.
Rogue traders can operate in various ways from poor quality work to organised crime in which the vulnerable or elderly are targeted.
Just why these officers 'signed off ' on such poor quality work should be investigated and dealt with.
Too often these 'rogue traders' charge a small fortune for poor quality work and needless repairs.
A COWBOY builder overcharged an 89-year-old woman by nearly PS4,500 for poor quality work, a court heard.
That was in 1989 when the Tories were in power - 23 years later and back to Tory rule it's the same old story - a poor quality Work Programme with no jobs and a training scheme more concerned about targets than developing real people's skills.
They said that the big reason of the destruction in Sindh is substandard and poor quality work on Left Bank Out Drainage (LBOD).
The study says: "Too often people become trapped in a revolving door between low paid, poor quality work and unemployment.
Something went seriously wrong in the planning stage and supervision of the project that has allowed all this poor quality work to be carried out, or were costs cut in the expectation that the council (ie our council tax) would pick up the bill for the extra work required to prevent the new areas becoming a dirty unattractive mess?