poor usage

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This results in a poor usage of the GS, which remains inactive for most of the day.
She said that inadequate central, provincial management, lack of industrial compliance in quality control and unawareness about use of iodine salt have been identified as main factors behind poor usage of iodine in the country.
Pills must be taken daily and require high doses; vaginal gels that must be applied prior to each sex act are inconvenient, yielding poor usage rates.
She said that at present 40 percent women and 60 percent children were affected in Sindh province alone due to iodine deficiency because of lack of awareness, wrong perceptions about iodine salt, non- implementation of laws while inadequate performances of concerned management on government and industrial side were the main reasons behind poor usage of iodine salt.
It is not sensible to optimize the supply for excessive demand based on temperatures that are unnecessarily low or on poor usage patterns.
But at the turn of the year the railway cut the passenger service by 40% from five trains per day in each direction to three, blaming poor usage.
Poor usage tracking driving acquisition of licensing management tools: 18% of software vendors believe their customers don't understand their software usage and entitlements, and 21% don't know.
They also raised concerns about poor usage of the Metro during late evenings but said if a planned extension was improved, the Metro would cover the main nightclub areas of the city and generate more passengers.
The association argued the Penistone Line timetable was responsible for poor usage and an increase in trains would increase take up.
Despite the poor usage figures, MEL remains upbeat.
Lovinger does not merely indicate meaning, subtle distinctions, or correct style; he often begins with examples of poor usage culled from his diverse reading.
Apogee is the only vendor to fill the information gap between effective provisioning of the global network and wasteful expenses driven by poor usage policies.