poorly defined

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The factors that dictate the balance between excitatory and inhibitory synaptic transmission are still poorly defined, but trans-synaptic interactions between adhesion molecules such as neurexins and neuroligins are thought to be important.
Pakistani and Indian fishermen are frequently arrested by both countries because their Arabian Sea maritime border is poorly defined and fishing boats often lack the technology to know their precise location.
Both countries frequently arrest each other's fishermen, as the maritime borders in the Arabian Sea is poorly defined and many fishing boats lack the technology needed to be certain of their navigation into the sea.
Fishermen are frequently arrested along with their boats by both India and Pakistan as the maritime border in the Arabian Sea is poorly defined, and many fishing boats lack the technology needed to be certain of their precise location.
CHICAGO, March 11, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As many as 10 million Americans have peripheral artery disease (PAD), but despite the prevalence of the disease, current standards of care for diagnosis and management of PAD are poorly defined, and may be contributing to the overuse of invasive procedures.
Security forces of both countries frequently arrest fishermen who stray over into the other side of the maritime border in the Arabian Sea, which is poorly defined.
The mass was poorly defined and felt soft upon palpation.
Synopsis: Poorly defined objectives, politics, and unclear metrics are among the obstacles to implementing meaningful change.
The culturematic is broadly focused, highly experimental, and poorly defined.
Blacks desiring transplantation are, for poorly defined reasons, less likely than whites to have a suitable living donor and are relatively more dependent on the availability of cadaveric donors.
But while all these are important contributions in India's fall from lofty heights, the question must be asked if the ' winning' culture which everybody had assumed permeated into the Indian dressing room is not still poorly defined.
Look for moles or other skin spots that are asymmetric; have an irregular, scalloped or poorly defined border; varying colors; or that have changed in size, shape or color.