poorly defined

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Fishermen are frequently arrested along with their boats by both India and Pakistan as the maritime border in the Arabian Sea is poorly defined and the boats lack the technology needed to ascertain their precise location.
Sadly, the Schedule IV of WPA is poorly defined and understood.
The majority of patients recover from the disease; however, there is increasing evidence to suggest that survivors experience long-term 'hidden' pathologies due to infection that are as yet poorly defined.
Using emotive and poorly defined words like loser and coward gets us nowhere.
India and Pakistan routinely arrest fishermen on charges of entering each other's waters as the maritime boundaries between the two countries were poorly defined and many fishing boats lack technologies on locating their precise places.
The concept "remains poorly defined, its effect is highly variable, and its causes hotly debated," notes Michael Heise, chief economist of Allianz SE, for Project Syndicate.
Shearing often involves working in remote rural areas, under a poorly defined chain of responsibility with unique hazards and risks.
A number of terms in the draft legislation are poorly defined - leading to uncertainties among firms over the likely scope and costs of implementing the proposed measures, according to the Commons Science and Technology Committee.
Like other red giants it has a fuzzy, poorly defined edge, and different molecules (including water vapor) have been found at different levels in its loose atmosphere.
Pakistani and Indian fishermen are frequently arrested by both countries because their Arabian Sea maritime border is poorly defined and fishing boats often lack the technology to know their precise location.
Both countries frequently arrest each other's fishermen, as the maritime borders in the Arabian Sea is poorly defined and many fishing boats lack the technology needed to be certain of their navigation into the sea.
But if the problem is poorly defined, and the solution less than obvious, or if it involves a high-value complex buying decision process with multiple stakeholders, then the prospect is much more likely to be open to early engagement with potential vendors.