poorly timed

See: untimely
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Coun Speak has since taken to social media to apologise for his poorly timed comments which were made just hours after the tragic accident.
Cavendish's poorly timed sprint at the end of yesterday's stage not only cost him victory but denied team-mate Tony Martin the chance to wear the yellow jersey.
Some real estate agents have had to cancel nearly a month of weekend open houses because of the poorly timed snowstorms.
With one hand we raise to a pedestal the cartoonists who dared to mock and insult a widely misunderstood and villainised religion of millions, and with the other we strike down an uneducated oaf who stumbled into the spotlight through light-hearted "banter", made a poorly timed joke to an audience of goading punters and chase him out of town.
It was the fifth time that he'd hurt one of their players with poorly timed challenges – including one that led to Welshman Gareth Bale labelling him "a coward".
It was the fifth time Adam (right) had hurt one of their players with poorly timed challenges - including one that led to Gareth Bale labelling him "a coward".
PHIL MICKELSON'S post-Ryder Cup pop at Tom Watson may have been poorly timed but it could prove to be Lefty's most positive contribution yet to Team America's cause.
Michele Williams of Cornell University's ILR School said that failed workplace humor; be it a poorly timed joke or humor that is downright offensive, impacts people's moods and confidence, sometimes could even cause serious damage.
Coun Williams said the strike was also poorly timed.
A poorly timed pass out of the Iran defence was snapped up by Tino-Sven Susic who fed Pjanic and the Roma midfielder drilled his shot home on 59 minutes.
Abu Zuhri said that the announcement about the cancellation of the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees' Affairs was poorly timed and surprised Hamas.