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To stop these senseless killings and to eradicate polio it is important to earn back the trust of the local communities and the populace of those areas from where most polio cases are reported in the country.
Pakistan Navy Search and Rescue Teams, with required technical equipment reached to the severely rain-affected areas including Golimar, Sohrab Goth, Saadi Town, Ghareeb Abad, Surjani Town, Kharadar, Lyari and Yousaf Goth etc to help the rain-stricken populace.
Pakistan Navy Search and Rescue Teams, with required technical equipment have reached to the far flung areas of harsh topography, comprising marshes, swamps and unpredictable waterways in severely affected Districts of Horna, Malwana, Kalutara and Raxapana to help the flood stricken populace.
Mamba, however, is confident that the voting populace from the proposed District 5 will increase to more than 120, 000 by 2019 elections.
There are some of star-rank that are included in illegal gambling complaints, kidnapping, illegal drugs, reported to the populace by us.
Army soldiers and populace forces, form both Shiite and Sunni tribes, as well as Kurdish Pishmarga decided to grow united against the new wave of militancy in the country.
A team of specialist Civil / Military Doctors provided free prescription, examination and medicine services to the populace of far flung areas of Attan Darra.
I have been disabled for the past 32 years due to a severe brain injury due to a serious road traffic accident and am totally amazed at some of "our" populace saying that they cannot afford to go out and worK or get a suitable education to enable them to go out and get a job
It was no strange thing that the ousted rulers were repeating the same descriptions that accused some parts of the populace of terrorism, radicalism and disobedience.
I can't, for the life of me, quite fathom how this latest spin doctor's spurious advice will help the UK populace cope with the present economic downturn.
However the source of ill-health that the populace most commonly encounter is one which cannot be avoided: water.
The myth was that these were humanitarian efforts extended to the struggling populace, and that populace was an international component in an ongoing re-negotiation process going on between the citizenry and the state.