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One development was on vivid display in the 2012 campaign: Because most states, including Oregon, award all of their electoral votes to the winner of the statewide popular vote, candidates focus their attention and money on those few states where the outcome is in doubt.
Candidates are not required to win the popular vote nationwide, but they must amass a majority of the 538 "electoral votes" that are awarded to each state based on population.
It's usually a formality, but in December, the electors representing the candidate who won their state's popular vote meet in their state capital and cast their votes.
The National Popular Vote proposes that all future presidential elections will be decided by the popular vote, regardless of the electoral vote count.
The National Popular Vote compact would go into effect after states representing 270 electoral votes join.
The last time the electoral college received much attention was in 2000, when Al Gore won the popular vote for president while being denied victory over George W.
In the referendum, voters will be asked whether they agree that the Constitution has to be changed to allow the election of the country's president by popular vote.
They note that, over a period of two centuries, only twice has the loser in the popular tally prevailed in the College, and even in those cases, the person chosen as President got 49% of the popular vote.
A similar poll back in June gave Fianna Fail a 42 per cent share of the popular vote while Fine Gael had just 23 per cent.
A: Forty-eight states have a winner-take-all system: Whoever wins the statewide popular vote gets all of that state's electors.
That's why Griffo introduced into the state Senate a version of the National Popular Vote compact, an interstate agreement in which states would pledge their electoral votes not to the candidate who wins the most votes in their state, but to the candidate who wins the most popular votes nationwide.