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JCCC's Carlsen Center hosted Cunningham and his company February 10-15 in a residency that included workshops about Cunningham's collaborations with visual artists, his work with composers, and the Life Forms choreography software he helped popularize, as well as two nights of performances.
E]fforts should be made to popularize ways of delivering frequent doses of nicotine to addicts without filling their lungs with smoke," they wrote.
com, both of which aim to popularize and commercialize podcasts by simplifying the software it takes to create and download them.
For more than 35 years, Burning Spear's music--thus his life--has inspired people on numerous continents; and has been one of the leading reggae artists to popularize and pioneer reggae music in the U.
Though his legacy - and the social and economic growth of the region he helped to popularize - has survived long after his death in 1977 at age 84, it has received a major boost from Gene S.
While growing up, one of his heroes was the late vibist and bandleader Tjader, who helped popularize Latin jazz in the 1950s.
There's a huge opportunity here to popularize RSS as a mainstream format.