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Consequently, the 9 loci can be useful for population genetics studies and explore invasive routes of C.
Bacterial Population Genetics in Infectious Disease addresses a set of issues that are extremely provocative in the current climate in which progress is rapidly changing the microbiological landscape.
Launched with a March issue, it will be published four times a year and covers topics such as: the spread, transmission, persistence, implications and population dynamics of infectious diseases; population and public health as well as policy aspects of control and prevention; dynamics at the individual level; interaction with the environment; and, population genetics and molecular evolution of infectious agents.
It includes discussion of the latest genetic data asserting the reality of the concept of race, and the various lines of evidence from population genetics, evolutionary biology and anthropology pertinent to the evolution of racial differences in behavior.
Major areas of focus for malaria include comparative genome analysis, population genetics of pathogen populations and chemical screening.
Neotropical Savannas And Seasonally Dry Forests" focus on plant biodiversity and the molecular phylogenies and molecular population genetics for uncovering the biogeographic history of these ecosystems making it a seminal and necessary addition to professional and academic library Biological Sciences and Environmental Studies reference collections.
2001) used population genetics analyses to investigate the genetic patterns of kangaroo rats (Dipodomys merriamt) inhabiting radionuclide-contaminated ground-zero sites at the Nevada test site (nuclear testing site).
LineaGen Research Corporation is a biotechnology research and licensing company that utilizes a powerful population genetics discovery platform to identify and validate biomarkers, coordinate clinical trials, and identify health-promoting and disease-causing genetic factors.
In a generous admission Francisco Ayala, a major figure in propounding the modern synthesis theory in the United States, said: "We would not have predicted stasis from population genetics, but I am now convinced from what paleontologists say that small changes do not accumulate.
About deCODE genetics deCODE is using population genetics to create a new paradigm for healthcare.
At Oxford University the founding fathers of population genetics thought the answer lay in the peppered moth, and supported the field research of an amateur entomologist named Bernard Kettlewen.
Currently, Matheson is looking at population genetics and the relationships between individuals.

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