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But Reg Thorpe, head of conservation management at RSPB Cymru, said coastal populations of the herring gull are under threat and called for research into population numbers and behaviour.
Low priced, better quality healthcare is required to sustain us, as private sector needs to further contribute efforts towards helping people live, in order to eventually create a future healthy population numbers that can contribute to the country, both socially, economically and financially in the long run.
Not returning a census form could also affect state grants and funding that are based on certified population numbers.
As for the Kirtland's warbler population numbers, our investment appears to be working: In 2011,1,828 singing males were recorded--a massive comeback for the species.
19 ( ANI ): Filmmaker and naturalist Sir David Attenborough has claimed that human beings need to control their population numbers, while disapproving the practice of 'sending bags of flour' to famine-struck areas.
Of course, the immigration that continues to fuel population numbers in developed countries is coming from somewhere.
The cull was due to begin last autumn but was postponed while research continued into the population numbers in both areas.
With population numbers set to rise in the region, the comprehensive and integrated public transport plan has been developed with a special focus on boosting the standing of Dubai as a safe and sustainable living place.
The parliamentary boundaries should be altered to coincide with the geographical boundaries - but the South Wales counties having the greatest population numbers should be subdivided as far as the parliamentary areas are concerned to give a total number of MPs of 25 members.
Every time we lose another bird species or suppress their population numbers, we're altering the very ecosystems that we depend on as humans.
We are excited to be involved in the DRC which in terms of population numbers is one of Africa's most exciting telecoms markets and which has multiple telecoms operators located there.
Professor Stephen Harris of Bristol University said recently: "Fox population numbers haven't changed much at all over the last half century.