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However, both species showed less protein than the poriferan Negombata magnifica (~47% dw protein) studied by Hadas et al.
However, the small number of poriferan species analyzed does not allow a more incisive conclusion on a similarity in the amino acids profile as a feature common to members of the phylum.
Shale biovolume was dominated by arthropods, with poriferans, echinoderms and priapulids following.
They suggest that Cambrian tropical mudflats favored the adaptive radiation of two deeply different groups: the highly vagile and complex arthropods and the sessile and simpler poriferans.
Adherens junctions are ubiquitous in epithelia of metazoans, except for some poriferans (Dickinson et al.
Cambrian tropical mudflats were characterized by the adaptive radiation of two contrasting groups: the vagile arthropods and the sessile poriferans.
In tropical waters, photosynthetic symbiosis is known to occur in various metazoans, such as poriferans, cnidarians, flatworms, bivalves, nudibranchs, and ascidians.
This pattern of junction development parallels in some respects the evolutionary history of cell-cell junctions, with poriferans exhibiting transient spot junctions, and belt-like junctions forming in cnidarian, ctenophore, and bilaterian taxa (Green and Bergquist, 1982; see Fig.