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As mention in the introduction, the variation of water to plaster ratio play an importance role in determining the performance of the mould in terms of water absorption, porosity, and strength.
Keywords: Artificial Neural Network; Petrophysical analysis; Porosity prediction; seismic attributes, Prospective zones.
As obvious in governing equation contamination transport is under porosity and hydraulic conductivity effect.
Despite being an accurate tool to study the porosity formation phenomena, this model may be computationally costly because at each time step, the numerical algorithm involves the complete solution of momentum and energy equations.
There is a litany of previous theoretical and experimental work that explores the dependence of the ultrasonic wavespeed in a material on the amount of porosity within that same material.
Using the results of this analysis and that of my predecessors, the porosity and permeability of the Duperow Formation can be mapped.
Therefore, the effective porosity is a quantity that can be used in all reservoir engineering calculates.
According to Goudie and Viles (1997) rocks with high total porosity consisting of high amount of large pores and many small pores are highly susceptible to decay due to the effect of salt crystallization.
The porosity of a drainage layer is determined using an appropriate methodology calculating the porosity of the soil layer.
A common method for estimating or calculating effective porosity is through extensive laboratory testing of sediment properties such as particle size, shape, packing, sorting, pore space, etc.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of the design of laser-welded joints, including the size of joint openings and diameters of the cross section, executed in Ti-6Al-4V structures by checking the percentage of porosity present using radiographic procedures.