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Trend of contamination penetration depth relative to porosity for 1, 4 and 7 days after infiltration into soil media are shown in figures 5 to 7 respectively.
Another shrinkage model based on only the solution of the metal and mold energy equations (not fluid flow equations) can predict porosity by evaluating the volume of the solidification shrinkage in each isolated liquid region at each time step.
An effective porosity was employed when approximating the fluid flow resistance because not all pores were open and well connected between each other for gas flow.
Three independent measurements were performed on each CoCr porosity sample (described in Sec.
The porosity of one zone can be quantified from the log of solo porosity (acoustic, density and neutron) or the mixture of porosity logs.
The method developed for this study was driven by: 1) the geographical extent of the border region analyzed, and 2) the study's objective of segmenting the border into the zones of homogenous porosity and subsequently identifying areas with high pedestrian porosity for potential future tourism development in the border region of Carinthia (Austria), Gorenjska, Savinusko, Koroska (Slovenia), and Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy).
Drainage layer porosity (P) is calculated using the drainage density and particle density and is expressed as a percentage by volume:
Drainage porosity will be lower than the actual porosity as a result of incomplete draining of leachate under gravity due to the fluid adhering to drainage medium and clog material (McIsaac, Rowe 2008).
3] equation, the resulting equations can be solved for specific capacity and effective porosity.
By exploiting normally disregarded noise variations induced by changes in porosity, fluid presence and permeability across the formation, and adding computer-designed noise to the data, ViaLogy is able to amplify subtle noise variations to enhance areal and depth resolution in complex lithologies that are not achievable through conventional means.
Porosity belongs to one of the main factors regarding quality of the products in casting industry.
MOFs have held the record for having the highest porosity of any material, and are made from low-cost ingredients.