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Portage plans to add 5-7 other opportunities to its portfolio either by direct investment into a company, spinout from academia, or through the creation of an SPV with another company or management team
Kirsty and David Crawford from Old Colwyn are just such parents and they believe the Portage services they receive for their sons Kyle, eight, and Harley, four, are essential.
So-called portage is designed to help under-fives with learning disabilities and support their families.
Featuring 1000D CORDURA[R] Classic fabric and signature Manhattan Portage design, the backpack provides stylish practicality from everyday wear to weekend or day trips.
Portage College has benefitted from unused material that an energy company had left after a job.
5-mile footpath that Indians called Kitchi Onigaming (Ojibwe for "the Great Carrying Place"), which the French would later name Grand Portage.
A councillor says the vital Portage scheme is vastly underfunded and is asking for more money to help more families.
It was renowned explorer and geographer, David Thompson of the NWCo, who in 1798 discovered the carry over this height of land which later became known as Portage La Biche.
The 113-year-old Women's Facility at the Portage Correctional Centre will be relocated, the Manitoba government announced, acting on the recommendations of an independent committee which recommends:
Yet as Portage (Indiana) Assistant Fire Chief Bill Lundy recalled, "We were going to be given shirts and hats with a phone number on it and flyers, and sent to shelters, and we were going to pass out flyers.
For example, with our home in Portage County, we have partnered with a technical college in nearby Wood County and with the Portage County Business Council, to establish the Wisconsin Learning Center located in the Portage County Business Park.