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Masson trichrome stain highlighting the centrilobular dropout (light blue, upper right), compared with mild portal fibrosis in the same biopsy (darker blue, bottom left) (original magnification X200).
In the case of Ito cells and bile duct hyperplasia accompanied by portal fibrosis, we performed the chisquare test within subadult, adult, and old bears to determine age dependency.
The spectrum of fatty liver disease ranges from fatty infiltration of the liver (steatosis) alone to steatosis with inflammation and portal fibrosis (NASH) to cirrhosis and end-stage liver disease.
Early indirect portal changes include mild portal fibrosis and edema, with a minimal mixed inflammatory cell infiltrate and increased ductular profiles.
9 Every specimen was staged for fibrosis on a five-point scale; F0 = no fibrosis; F1 = portal fibrosis without septa; F2 = portal fibrosis with rare septa; F3 = numerous septae without cirrhosis; and F4 = cirrhosis.
Various synonyms are used to refer this entity: idiopathic portal hypertension in Japan, non- cirrhotic portal fibrosis in India, regenerative nodular hyperplasia, benign intrahepatic portal hypertension etc.
14 The fibrosis stage was determined according to a scoring system available in literature, and was classified as F0 = no fibrosis; F1 = portal fibrosis without septa; F2 = few septa; F3 = numerous septa without cirrhosis; and F4 = cirrhosis.