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In remaining 9 cases, there was no clinically identifiable portal of entry.
A cutaneous portal of entry was defined when the clinical manifestations (and the diagnosis) of IF were preceded by the occurrence of localized skin lesions (such as cellulitis at sites of onychomycosis and intertrigo) with positive culture for Fusarium spp.
Surgery alone presents a portal of entry for microorganisms.
The development of leprosy lesions at the site of tattooing, wounds or minor abrasions suggests the skin as a possible portal of entry for M.
Especially in sports, where there is so much significant skin to skin contact and failure to cover infected wounds, as well as having a number of uncovered skin wounds on the body surfaces that allow for a portal of entry for staph to invade.
Usually the source of infection and portal of entry are unknown.
De Flora and colleagues write, "The massive reducing and sequestering capacity of the blood explains why [Cr(VI)] exerts its toxicological consequences at the portal of entry into the organism, while it is not a systemic toxicant or carcinogen.
Shutting off the portal of entry of inflammatory cells may slow [plaque formation] down," she says.
The portal of entry of the organism was defined as the site through which the organism gained access to the blood stream, as judged on the basis of all clinical data.
They serve as the portal of entry into the health care system, providing access to quality, affordable care in a patient-centric manner.
Pushing the cuticle back may be a better option for those who prefer the cosmetic appearance of trimmed cuticles, but it still poses a portal of entry for pathogens.
The disease is a necrotizing fascitis of infective origin and always has a portal of entry of infective organisms even though it may be so trivial as to be undetected.