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The usual portal of entry is the airways, and IF is thought to be acquired by the inhalation of aerosols of fusarial conidia.
Especially in sports, where there is so much significant skin to skin contact and failure to cover infected wounds, as well as having a number of uncovered skin wounds on the body surfaces that allow for a portal of entry for staph to invade.
Each of the now-known several steps in the entry process can be targeted, but I am most excited by the possibility of antagonists of the key portal of entry of most HIV infections, CCR5.
This suggests that the skin is an "important portal of entry for invasive GAS infection," they said (Emerging Infect.
The Centers for Disease Control states: "N-9 can damage the cells lining the rectum, thus providing a portal of entry for HIV and other sexually transmissible agents.
They propose that circumcision reduces the vulnerability of the penis to HPV infection: In uncircumcised men, the inner surface of the foreskin offers a portal of entry for HPV when it is exposed, by way of tiny ulcers and abrasions that occur during intercourse.
De Flora and colleagues write, "The massive reducing and sequestering capacity of the blood explains why [Cr(VI)] exerts its toxicological consequences at the portal of entry into the organism, while it is not a systemic toxicant or carcinogen.
Shutting off the portal of entry of inflammatory cells may slow [plaque formation] down," she says.