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Enhancing the overall capabilities of the Java Enterprise System, the Sun Java System Portal Server 7 is the first to allow the easy creation of interactive communities of users and services, building community portals populated with collaborative content including RSS feeds, blogs and wikis.
Revelation's interface is familiar to SharePoint Portal Server 2003 users, and includes a list of files with relevant file properties, such as modification dates and check in and check out status.
It is not clear which versions of Office 2003 will ship with SharePoint Portal Server.
Microsoft Ltd has revealed a new version of its SharePoint Portal Server that is currently in beta 2 release.
2 certified solution for SharePoint Portal Server last year and continues that tradition by certifying the SharePoint RecordsActivator with ForeMost Enterprise Version 3 against the recently revised DoD 5015.
Our new SharePoint Connector solution offers increased flexibility to users who require advanced fax management features with their existing SharePoint Portal Server platform," said Tom Linhard, Director of Channel Sales for FaxCore, Inc.
User authentication is handled over an encrypted channel between the Web browser and the Sun ONE Portal Server 6, Secure Remote Access gateway.
WebSphere Portal Server provides an open, scalable framework for deploying powerful portal solutions, however we rely on the support of Business Partners to deliver the applications and the information from the various sources," said Larry Bowden, vice president, e-Portals solutions, IBM Software Group.
IBM is merge its IBM WebShpere Portal Server with the K-station portal of its Lotus Development Corp unit to deliver a single portal platform.
Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 -- customers can use BusinessObjects XI Release 2 to turn reports, graphs, and metrics into dashboards within SharePoint Portal Server 2003
iOra Mobile Intranet for SharePoint Portal Server makes information stored in the server available offline on the end-user laptop, without the need for expensive infrastructure software on the PC.
FrontPage 2002, MapPoint 2002, Outlook Mobile Manager, Publisher 2002, SharePoint Portal Server 2001 and Visio 2002 all share tight integration with Office XP and are designed to enhance the Office desktop experience for knowledge workers at companies ranging from small businesses to enterprise organizations.