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de portal site now offers users the ability to more easily access over 4.
Earlier this month, NRI put its BizMart portal site into operation.
Inc has teamed with UK charity Oxfam to launch a free internet access service, for which all the access provider income from the local call charges will be donated by the portal site to the charity.
But the most useful feature of any portal site is the way it organizes the information available on the World Wide Web.
Though CNNfn officials say the initiative is all new, the network essentially will be a portal site with a heavy financial slant.
Available to patients who go to hospitals and clinics that are registered with the portal site, the new service provides the patients with online access to their medical charts via the Internet.
About 65 million people use Daum's portal site in South Korea.
SuccessNames recently reported the signup of its 10,000th member and hopes to double the growth rate for the remainder of the year through the rapid deployment of dozens of new portal sites and increased marketing and advertising expenditures.
org, the organization's portal site and open repository and registry for XML schemas,which costs $100,000 and includes sponsor membership.
Healthnostics' major products include: MedGuardian, a patient care monitoring and risk management system for hospitals that is fully Web-based; MedBioWorld(TM), the largest professional medical and bioscience directory resource and reference portal site on the Internet; and FamilyMedicalNet, a companion consumer healthcare information portal.