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Clinical relevance of adapting portal vein flow in living donor liver transplantation in adult patients.
Transverse diameter of caudate lobe is the distance from the most medial margin to right lateral wall of the portal vein.
Review article: portal vein obstruction-epidemiology, pathogenesis, natural history, prognosis and treatment.
Portal hypertension is interpreted by finding portal vein and hepatic vein pressure gradient exceeding 10-12 mmHg (2).
In this presentation, we aim to present computed tomography (CT) features of CVAE resulting from the retrograde flow of air from the mesenteric veins and the portal vein.
Venography confirmed TIPS occlusion with portal vein thrombus (Fig.
When separation of the tumour from the superior mesenteric vein or the portal vein was not feasible, venous resection was performed to obtain complete tumour resection with macroscopic clear surgical margins.
Hepatic Vein pressure Gradient (HVPG) is usual standard way of assessing portal vein pressure in patients having liver cirrhosis.
The data of plasma flux rate, endotoxin concentration in the portal vein and carotid, endotoxin absorption in the portal vein, plasma concentration of SOD, TAP, and MDA across different time spots were also analyzed using the same model, where the [T.
Portal vein, superior mesenteric vein, and splenic vein were dissected and opened for the detection of PVST.
congential anomalies, revealed the portal vein to be terminating in the inferior vena cava.
This edition has new chapters on topics like methicillin-resistant staphylococcal infections, lymphoma rescue therapy, albuterol toxicosis, carpal flexural deformity of puppies and kittens, exercise-induced collapse of Labrador retrievers, acute coccygeal myopathy of dogs, perioperative bleeding disorders of greyhounds, phalangeal disorders, benzodiazepene toxicosis, portal vein thrombosis, fibrotic myopathy of the caudal thigh muscles, iron toxicosis, FAST (Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma, Triage, and Tracking) ultrasound exams, urethral stent placement, and thromoelastography, and 148 online-only chapters, as well as new photos, videos, differential diagnosis tables, and a reviewed and updated drug formulary with new medications.