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These actions portend literally a cataclysmic shift in the way security for old age is provided.
Non-hurricane-related factors also portend continued growth in the next few quarters.
The hints of the growing Darkness and the "last of the line" portend a rich development.
One sky is blank, oppressive in its absolute featurelessness; others portend stormy weather.
Four predicted crisis points prove chillingly true and portend an evil which may place the world in jeopardy.
The former approach surely is looking positively down the road; whereas the latter is a portend of disaster.
This should theoretically portend an era of peace and freedom in that country.
The concept of homeostatic capacity has been around for decades, but there are few hard data on which indicators of homeostatic capacity are most important, what indicator levels portend a body's impending collapse, or what effects that outside stressors, such as pollutants or pronounced temperature swings, might have on individuals with reduced homeostatic capacity.
In this issue, our cover story looks at CEOs in danger--and the warning signs that portend trouble.
And the demographic trends of priests and nuns portend an implosion that will rock the church in ways most rank-and-file Catholics are just now beginning to realize--but that overworked parish priests and religious have been bearing for years.
Responses to a recent Corbett Group poll at the 1999 Outsourcing World Summit also portend continuing growth.
The political events in Eastern Europe coupled with the market unification of the remainder of Europe scheduled for 1992 already portend significant changes will take place.