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IN ADDITION TO SERVING THE BEST INTERESTS of clients, CPAs introducing such customized fixed-income portfolios also add value to their firm by broadening the relationship with the client, boosting overall revenue, contributing to stabilizing the firm's revenue profile and increasing the firm's ability to compete.
Using data from reflective portfolios constructed by teachers at the end of this program, I will argue that professional development based in reflective practice in teachers' classrooms provides the kinds of growth experiences for teachers called for by Stein, Smith & Silver (1999).
With the nationwide efforts to raise graduation standards and the increasing use of standardized testing, the idea of basing promotion and graduation decisions on portfolios of students' work has fallen out of fashion as swiftly as slide rules gave way to calculators.
edu/ cidrweb/: Center for Instructional Development and Research (CIDR): Guidelines for the Preparation and Use of Teaching Portfolios.
But cultivating a portfolio that grows 100 percent in a downtrodden economy is no simple feat even for the most seasoned tycoon.
Risk-free return enhancement can be particularly substantial when the economy slows, causing the expected returns from portfolios to decline.
Real estate has historically proven to be an attractive addition to stock and bond portfolios due to low correlations and competitive risk-adjusted returns.
There are at least three reasons program trading has grown in popularity over the past few years: (1) the growing influence of portfolio theory; (2) accumulating evidence regarding the importance of sector returns; and (3) the practical difficulties and transaction costs encountered by institutions that attempt to adjust their portfolios on a stock-by-stock basis.
Out of the wide range of pedagogical methodologies available, computer technology was the very last approach 1 would have chosen for my environmental courses--until I signed up for a workshop on electronic portfolios offered by our school's Writing Center.
Maker - are managing fictious portfolios that stood at $100,000 on Aug.
We need to move quickly to rematch the maturities of the two portfolios or risk losses in the future when the cost of maturing debt increases faster than the yield on our assets.