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In either case, I thought it was a superb name for the stuff - the perfect portmanteau word for an unobtainable element, but I thought I should check the spelling before praising the word.
Traditionally, the gipa is served along with sarope, a portmanteau word literally meaning "head and feet" and is sheep brains and tongue, alongside knee joints.
The portmanteau word, "fraudstuff," in Devlin's title comes from Joyce's last book, Finnegans Wake.
The object of his seduction--or perhaps his seducer, for roles, like everything else, shift continually in this volume--is introduced as "Wide-eyed Anuncia," a portmanteau word containing both the Virgin Mary's annunciation and the spider-trickster figure Ananse.
The inadvertent portmanteau word -- BLink + frITZ -- already has a seat in the lexicons.
Ramsay emphasizes that we should understand "brigands" not as vagabonds or the poor, but as a portmanteau word that "blurred distinctions and confounded groups" and that "left a sense of illegality and exteriority regarding society and its norms", and that could thus carry the Fear "between classes and estates, from country to town and back".
html About Phablet A phablet is a portmanteau word that is a combination of phone and tablet; this is a mobile device designed to straddle the functions of a smartphone and tablet.
Hence the adoption of the baggy portmanteau word 'untaught', as a less prejudicial alternative to the term 'outsider' used by Roger Cardinal in his 1972 book Outsider Art and his 1979 exhibition, 'Outsiders', at the Hayward Gallery, co-curated with Victor Musgrave.