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The Portrayal CDS is looking to the OGC membership and beyond to help define the future direction of portrayal and digital cartographic practices within the OGC and beyond.
A film and lead portrayal on the peerless level of Lino Brocka's 'Bona,' where Nora scored an unforgettable thespic bull's-eye playing a conflicted movie fan.
Based on the idea that each singer brings her own vision to the role of Carmen in Bizet's opera of the same name, Villamil shows how their portrayals evolved and changed--musically, stylistically, vocally, dramatically, and above all interpretively--from generation to generation and country to country.
Sabine's work here is not focused on any and every portrayal of women religious throughout the history of cinema but, rather, on films from a certain time and place.
So, Hollywood portrayal of sympathy makes a difference and Hollywood portrayal of humanness makes a difference.
She said: "I started writing my book on the portrayal of Christians in popular culture whilst at theological college and finished it as I started my curacy at Michael and All Angels.
SHERLOCK might have won a gong but Benedict Cumberbatch again missed out on a television Bafta last night for his portrayal of the master detective.
Washington, July 4 ( ANI ): A new study has revealed that positive portrayal of unhealthy food habits by TV characters lead to set bad example for kids in real life.
Perhaps the only thing Margaret Thatcher's fans and detractors have ever agreed is their deep dislike of any portrayal whatsoever of the Iron Lady.
Dame Maggie Smith beat off challenges from Mad Men star Christina Hendricks and The Good Wife actress Christine Baranski to pick up an award for her portrayal of the grand Dowager Countess of Grantham in Downton Abbey.
A comprehensive literature review of four decades of gender portrayal related research is undertaken wherein most of the research articles are taken from premier research journals from marketing, psychology, sociology, and communications field.
This very recent presidential portrayal came at a time when Bush's popularity was stunningly low and came from a director who had explored issues of U.