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I think Gibson wanted to remind us of what Jesus suffered for us, and in this age of graphically violent films, he hoped to reach a (possibly) desensitized audience by portraying the reality of it.
59) Given the reverence that Saint Bernard held for the Virgin, and the abundance and popularity of his writings on her virtues and glories, in Cistercian houses the commissioning of works portraying clerics in adoration of Mary suggest clerical devotion to Bernard, and, by extension, to a Bernardine-centered spirituality.
He also understands the responsibility of portraying such a role, but doesn't want to overdo his performance.
In Santiago Cucullu's recent solo exhibition, wall sculptures constructed from paper table skirting (the disposable kind you find at "party paper" outlets) acted as a minimalist counterpoint to giant contact-paper murals and delicate watercolors portraying gallows and other equipment associated with capital punishment.
Sympathetically portraying those blacklisted for being Communists while silencing the homosexual victims is homophobia.
In London, Jefferson resumed his shopping spree," reads one of any number of similar statements by McCullough, portraying Jefferson as a hopeless spendthrift, neglectful parent, and hypocrite.
These include tensions between portraying celebratory or patriotic history and the story of marginalized groups, a story that often portrays conflict, not assimilation.
The curtain opens with women in green portraying the undulations of the sea, an important symbol for both Mishima and Bejart.
Photo: Timothy Hutton, portraying an emotionally disturbed adolescent, talks to Dr.