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Maternal Kiss portrays an intimate and tender moment between a mother and child.
McAchearn is a white, creepy, raging, obsessive male and if you're going to portray this type of guy south of the Maxon-Dixon line, apparently you must add Bible-thumping to the mix.
The article portrays a grim picture of the difficulties that even the most talented and well-trained musicians face while attempting to earn a living as a performer.
The title A Sunday Morning in the South may, at first glance, suggest a pleasant, leisurely pastoral interlude, but instead the play portrays the events surrounding a lynching that, with double irony, are carried out to the accompaniment of Christian music coming from a nearby church.
MIDDLE ROW Bad as they wanna be: Alexei Charov portrays von Rothbart and Riolama Lorenzo is his Degas-inspired Odette in Christopher Wheeldon's new Swan Lake for Pennsylvania Ballet; Mark Fucik, Renee Jaworski, and Jennifer Macavinta in Alison Chase's Night of the Dark Moon for Pilobolus Dance Theatre.
Do the Stations of the Cross portray God as a monster?
One of her funniest skits is in Surface Transit, where she portrays a young rapper at a recovery program for MCs addicted to rhyming.
But (Linda Cross, of Mayetta) who portrays Molly Brown, of Denver, found in her research that Brown and Tabor were friends.
Fidel's sins aside, filmmakers were right to portray the period as poisonous.
Noting the irregular or branched nature of natural forms such as mountains and trees, she sets out to invent by trial and error the first mathematical framework to portray such structures.
Not everyone will be comfortable with the Gifford Pinchot that Miller portrays, or the ideals and commitments attributed to him.
Indeed, the depiction of Flines in the left wing of the altarpiece, which portrays an impressiveb grouping of meticulously-main tained structures and a populated courtyard alive with activity (Fig.