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Sidhasana is the pose yogis adopt when meditating while the moola bandha is an exercise similar to the Kegel.
The Bow Pose works against hunched shoulders by opening them from the front and strengthening them from the back.
It is both a challenge and our goal to organize all of the varied methods for head pose estimation.
The key to fitness is incorporating yoga poses into daily routines.
As Raphael's most obviously striking depiction of the figura serpentinata (serpentine figure), the kneeling female in his Transfiguration is a culminating example of the artists sustained interest in the changing, multivalent significance of the turning pose and its figuration of conceptual turns in events, such as divine intervention and revelation.
We will not be successful in pressing them to beat them into plowshares, but we need to be more inventive in getting them to understand much better how to manage the dangers that the weapons pose.
But, once a subject poses a threat, it is critical to respond to that threat before it manifests into an assault.
Lie back in mountain pose and bend right knee in toward chest, either grabbing your big toe with your right hand or placing a strap around the ball of that foot.
The pose seems merely handy -- it fails to express any significant aspect of the man's character.
Under the racial and class biases of our culture, and compounded by the hypermasculinization of the cool pose, muscles, as a signifier of "natural" power, have been strongly linked with the black male body.
Pose, a mobile platform for real-time discovery and sharing of fashion, shopping and style, today announced that it has raised $3 million in Series A financing from GRP Partners, True Ventures and Mousse Partners.
Hero Pose (Virasana): This pose is good because it's soft on the body.