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The development of problem posing competency is generally recognized as an important goal of mathematics teaching and learning; it lies at the heart of mathematical activity (Crespo, 2003; English, 1997b; Brown Walter, 1993).
After analysing students' written responses, the strategies students used for problem posing were classified into three categories: (a) reformulation; (b) reconstruction; and (c) imitation.
Aloofness, hostility, strength, stubbornness, confidence and pomposity can all be expressed by such posing.
black males have learned to use posing and posturing to communicate power, toughness, detachment, and style" (8).
The second updated edition of The Portrait Photographer's Guide to Posing blends coverage of the classic rules of posing and new rules of how to pose people and when to break the rules, and offers neo-pro portrait photographers tips gained from the pros.
Hence Jessica Miller posing with male model Alessander Garsman.
The less obvious the posing, the more effective the result.
The data suggest that every excess calorie raises breast cancer risk, with each excess fat-derived calorie posing about 67 percent more risk than calories from other sources, he says.
airlines, simply defer existing cash obligations, posing long-term credit risks by magnifying the improvement in airline operating performance necessary to meet potentially larger pension plan funding requirements in 2006 and beyond.
SCOTLAND is full of posers - with around 70 per cent admitting to posing in photos.
We're just, like, posing with her and getting very touchy.
GUIDE TO POSING is thus an essential guide in any pro photographer's toolkit: it covers the basics of good posing, how to pose for best expressions and flattering results, and how to pose different people from kids to brides.