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Self-efficacy beliefs have already been studied in relation to a lot of aspects of mathematics learning, such as arithmetical operations, problem solving and problem posing.
At the beginning of the school year, two classes of Years 8 and 9 students, without any specific training in problem posing, were invited to pose problems on the basis of the following problem-posing prompt:
People can look right into the camera, as long as they aren't self-consciously posing.
black males have learned to use posing and posturing to communicate power, toughness, detachment, and style" (8).
Posing like Jesus pose & an article about accepting him as your sunday savior," said @michaelmears.
The Portrait Photographer's Guide to Posing, second edition
New York, Oct 10 (ANI): A source has revealed that George Clooney was not "comfortable" posing with other women for snaps at the premiere of his upcoming film 'The Ides of March'.
EXCLUSIVE by WILL PAYNE TV EDITOR DANCING On Ice favourite Laura Hamilton has been ordered to stop posing in sexy outfits by her bosses at children's TV channel Nickelodeon.
SUPERMODEL Heidi Klum proves she has no spare tyres in next year's Pirelli calendar - by posing in just a sun hat.
If you are in the know, you can still choose to think of them that way, or you can see them as scenes of artist and dealer posing as mother and daughter, illustrations of a fantasy in which artist and dealer are mother and daughter, or reflections on the similarities between and psychological conflation of artist-dealer and child-parent relationships.
Alice Liddell paid the price for that revolution, for she never escaped Carroll's artful literary posing.
Another exception to the ban on posing disability-related questions to employees is when they are asked as part of a voluntary employee health program.