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Besides, he noted that the anti-dengue program was already being implemented even before the WHO published its position paper last July 2016.
TomVillarinpresented three position papers on the subject matter, whileDinagatIsland Rep.
It has also approved position paper of construction of national accountability bureau Punjab complex Lahore of worth cost 642 million.
The Journey to the Digital Enterprise position paper series, authored by CSCs chief technology officer (CTO) team, explores the opportunities and business impacts made possible by next-generation technology innovation.
This task force was formed in 2008 and collaborated to craft a position paper to represent the official convictions of the NAGC organization (http://www.
EDEK leader Yiannakis Omirou said that during the ad-hoc meeting with the leaders of the main political parties last Sunday -- the day before the start of the intensive talks -- Christofias had assured them that "not only would he reject the Turkish Cypriot side's (most recent) document, he would refuse to have any discussion on it -- in effect deny that the position paper exists.
Using negotiation position papers represents an excellent method for communicating the crisis negotiation team's position during a hostage or barricade incident.
There were several position papers which explained the Catholic position very well.
These position papers will set out the views of energy trading companies, as wholesale energy market intermediaries and users of transmission services, operating in many cases across national boundaries.
Working with the American Society of Women Accountants and the American Woman's Society of CPAs, the EFWA also provides grants for position papers.
The text is divided into five sections in which three to five position papers are the basis of review and discussion.
In this regard, TEI has developed a series of position papers on administrative issues that it deems vital to ensure that taxpayers are treated equitably by the States.