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But his test now is to make sure positionally, when he plays in a midfield two, he doesn't vacate the area too much and plays from behind the ball and backs up probably a four-man forward line in whichever formation they play.
A big learning curve for me as a fly-half was that game - positionally, tactically and kicking-wise.
However, the left-back, Raul Guerron, often squandered possession when moving forward into midfield and was exposed positionally.
We had the scoreboard on our side and had the opportunity to experiment positionally.
Current and complete addressing coupled with GDT's positionally accurate streets enables accurate reverse geocoding, enhancing the value of address reports based on GPS data.
When assessing a defender, the first things you look for are how good positionally he is, whether he can tackle and whether he is quick.
So if everyone positionally is in the RIGHTplace, it works very well.
I reminded the guys basketball is a simple game and if we stuck to our defensive principles and played smart positionally we would be OK - and so it proved.
He's fine there positionally and he's got qualities we think will suit us.
No shortage of commitment and effort but positionally very poor.
There's always little things that Jags will tell me or I see him doing in training that I pick up on - if it's positionally or even a pass I see him playing.
I know there are things in my game I have to improve on, football-wise, positionally and physically.