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UK based retailers quickly said they were going to withdraw the positioners, sometimes called nests or anti-roll cushions, from sale.
A statement from John Lewis said: "We have one baby sleep positioner and we are removing it from sale.
John Lewis told worried customers on Twitter that both of these products are not considered sleep positioners and are therefore still on sale.
Double-j stent 5Fr, Sterile with positioner, Length 26 cms
cm) is simply too much for normal positioners and accuracy can be compromised.
With regards to our knee and hip positioners, we follow the same development methodology to ensure the solutions we provide are responsive to user needs.
Hexapod positioners are capable of submicrometer and even nanometer precision.
Metso will provide three new 240 kip wire rope positioners and a new rotary railcar dumper and a replacement rotary railcar dumper, both to include all new hoppers, feeders and gates.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Food and Drug Administration are warning parents to stop using infant sleep positioners, saying the devices--initially developed as a way to prevent colic, gastrointestinal reflux disease, and flat head syndrome in infants--may have caused up to 12 infant deaths over the past 13 years.
positioner system's workstation number (1/2 workstations).
When the project commenced, the existing two-axis positioner from the first cell was shipped to Wolf Robotics' Fort Collins, CO, facility, at which the system was completely integrated before installation at the customer site.
The lightning rod mounting bracket on the positioner is tilted.