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This presented the first opportunity in several years to implement positive action initiatives and increase our representation from BME communities.
BENEFIT The judge said she was satisfied, having heard evidence from National Co-ordinator of Hepatitis C Services within the HSE, Michelle Tait, that if an order directed the money go to her division, the former members of the Positive Action Group would benefit.
Anthony Young and Michael Kay of Teesside Positive Action have seen an increase in people going for HIV test- ing after Emmerdale's storyline featuring actress 120314HIV_04 IAN COOPER
Parents of one student in the Positive Action condition withdrew their child from the study indicating she was not enjoying being in the small group.
However, I think most people will agree with you, Ian: more positive action is required and racism is not the only form of discrimination in the game.
The Southern Initiative is part of ViiV Healthcarea[euro](tm)s Positive Action, a collaborative, community-focused programme aimed at addressing gaps in services or programmes that support care and treatment adherence among individuals living with HIV/AIDS.
These are tools to cope with life, and that is priceless," says Howard Humphreys, field coordinator for the Positive Action program study and former principal of Pearl City Elementary School in Pearl City, Hawaii.
Since 1999, the percentage of minority ethnic officers has more than doubled as a result of these improved links within diverse communities, as well as targeted advertising, familiarisation events and other positive action initiatives.
Positive Action (PA) is a program supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) that focuses on enhancing social behavior and academic achievement, and consists of daily 15-20 minute classes.
2 : having a real or beneficial effect or result <They took positive action.
Upon reading the section on diversity, however, I was alarmed to see that a large number of employers don't have an official diversity policy, or any procedures, in place because they don't understand the difference between positive action and positive discrimination.

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