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The amount of time that passed since the patient was culture positive was significantly associated with a low er risk of a positive culture at screening.
The secondary objectives were to evaluate the sterility of routine practices in terms of drug preparation and storage, and to determine the factors associated with a positive culture result.
There are quite a handful who will prefer to stay in your company compared to getting another higher-paying job if your company provides continued learning opportunities with a positive culture.
Two of the infected patients died at 10 days and 12 weeks after positive culture, respectively; it was unclear whether the deaths were related to the infections.
For example, of all the survey responses to the Best Place to Work question, Positive Culture ranked highest at 93%: it was followed by Great Coworkers 90%, Supportive Environment 89%, Effective Leadership 85%, Meaningful Work 82%, Challenging Work 75%, and Professional Development 73%.
It is of significant importance to inculcate the positive culture and the state has to start early these cultural activities to enrich the knowledge of youngsters and harness their talents as well as provide them with useful entertainment and excitement activities.
They stressed the benefits of a positive culture and the support provided through personal and leadership development programs.
A total of 67 patients had positive culture or PCR results for both species.
The Seattle Business award recognises companies that provide great work environments for employees, offering perks and a positive culture.
The firm has demonstrated investment to staff development and training through its new training facility to deliver health and safety courses and instilled a positive culture throughout the workforce.
Receipt of antifungal agents on an empirical basis before a positive culture was not significantly associated with mortality (p>0.