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His proposal seems designed to provide him with an escape route from the Geneva conference -- by not reaching agreement on the first stage -- rather than create sound prospects of a positive outcome.
A positive outcome of these studies so far is the recommendation that prophylactic use of aspirin may reduce cardiac risk during marathon running, although this remains to be proven.
He learned how to visualize a positive outcome and erase his hesitancy.
Therefore, investing in low-income paying, high-growth equities could result in a positive outcome for both the income beneficiary and the remainder beneficiary.
Waag notes that a positive outcome of ATDO's troubles has been the response of the dance community as the direness of the situation became apparent.
A positive outcome from this seismic activity could substantially increase the general activity in the area and provide benefit to all operators.
M2 PHARMA-May 24, 2017-NeuroVive plans to continue clinical development of NeuroSTAT based on positive outcome in preclinical and clinical TBI studies
Air France welcomes the positive outcome of the consultation with all its pilots on the draft development agreement for Transavia France.
In order to accommodate Kraft's requirements, we resourcefully crafted a block of space by relocating three tenants within out portfolio, creating a very positive outcome for all parties involved.
A positive outcome within the Haralson Team was the development of a collaborative teaching effort among the three primary school educators.
Television commercials aimed at children often begin with a conflict, which is followed by a resolution and a positive outcome.
The Small Steps web site is a perfect example of The Cannery's ability to combine entertainment and education for a positive outcome," says Doug Textor, chief executive officer of The Cannery.