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She said: "He was very controlling and very possessive.
His history of behaviour shows him in a possessive, controlling, jealous way DUNCAN ATKINSON QC prosecuting
On the morphosyntactic level, possessive constructions are traditionally divided into those of adnominal (my dog, the woman's dog), predicative (she has a dog, the dog belongs to me, the dog is mine) and external possession (Koptjevskaya-Tamm 2002).
36 iii 41, 49), surely a genuine possessive in -want- to the word for staff, stick thus far written only logographically (but note dat.
When I was at school in the 1950s my English teachers instilled into our little minds that 'it's' should be used as an abbreviated form of 'it is' or 'it has' but it should also be used as the possessive form such as "The laptop has it's own modem.
One of the differences I noticed between the English and Arabic languages is the use of possessive pronouns.
Miss Nolan described the relationship as volatile and said Parker, who admitted assault, was possessive and would stop her from going out.
People who get very possessive are generally those who have experienced difficult upbringings or had particularly bad break-ups in the past.
The English language does not include third person singular pronouns, possessive pronouns, and pronominal possessive adjectives that refer in the alternative to antecedents of the male gender, the female gender, or the neuter.
The focus of this study is possessive constructions with kinship terms.
All are in W3 except the possessive forms, Holy See (OED), the plural of Se(lenium), sez, Spanish si, and -sies.