possibility of loss

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Leverage may increase volatility and possibility of loss.
Although the risks of natural disasters, fires and weather-related events are not high in the UAE compared to other countries, the possibility of loss has never been zero," de Beauregard said.
The core problem in a dual relationship is the likely appearance of conflict of interest, non-therapeutic power imbalance, or the possibility of loss of objectivity and trust.
Storage of biometric data should exclude the possibility of loss, distortion and unauthorized access.
My stockbroker must remind me with every trade that my funds are not regulated or protected by the FDIC and that my risk includes the possibility of loss of principal.
How could chairmen and directors draw up financial agreements that utterly failed to take into account the possibility of loss of revenue on sales or relegation?
At first police said the device was a bomb and officers had prevented the possibility of loss of life but this statement was retracted.
It is absolutely incredible that since opening in 1996, Coastwatch have recorded over 700 incidents which, had they not been established, many would have gone unreported and with the possibility of loss of life.
Incidents affecting offshore units over the recent past have highlighted the importance of having the ability to quickly evaluate the unit in the damaged condition so that pro-active response strategies can be implemented that may be able to stabilize the situation preventing or minimizing the possibility of loss of life or ensuing pollution.
At this time, it would be likely that an individual's wealth will be in cash in order to reduce investment risk and reduce the possibility of loss of capital.
Loss exposure to a business means you are subject to the possibility of loss.