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Embryologically, the thyroid descends from the foramen cecum in the posterior aspect of the tongue to its usual (orthotopic) position anterior to the upper tracheal rings.
At arthroscopic examination, a large cyst like lesion in the posterior aspect of the elbow in the medial corner of the olecranon fossa was found.
To suction debris under the posterior aspect of the tongue in the lingual vestibule, the dentist can use a mouth mirror to lift up the tongue at the posterior aspect so as to squirt water under the tongue to float up debris for suctioning using the HVE suction tip.
MRI of the spine with contrast revealed acute vertebral body compression of T5 and a long segment of fatty deposition in the posterior aspect of the spinal canal which was attributed to the unusual accumulation of fat in this area resulting in canal stenosis which extended from C7-T1 to the T9-10 level.
4) show increased dense soft-tissue swelling around the joint, with extension into the supra and infra patella bursae and posterior aspect of the joint.
Similarly, the entry wound of the second bullet was of 1 inch diameter and oval- shaped on the posterior aspect of the right deltoid region.
tt41 In addition, the periadrenal fatty tissue is more prominent on the posterior aspect of the adrenal gland and disturbs clear visualization of the operation field.
Legs: Yellow, all segments slender and rather long; tarsomere 5 of all legs dark brown in apical half to 2/3; fine setulae scattered on all pairs of legs, in addition longer setae present on dorsal and posterior aspect of fore femur; mid tibial apicoventral seta absent; all setae and setulae pale brown to yellow; claws black except at extreme base and pulvilli normal.
The ablation was performed as close to the posterior aspect of the cervix as possible and continued for a minimum of 1 cm posterolaterally on either side with the intended aim of destroying the sensory nerve fibers and the secondary ganglia as they left the uterus and lie within the uterosacral ligaments," Ms.
These nodules slowly invaded the entire free border, posterior aspect, and lobule of the ear and caused occasional pruritus and a tingling sensation.
The distal region of the posterior aspect of the prosthetic socket, which traditionally is compressed during the casting and rectification of the hands-on socket, does experience high interface pressure throughout stance.
Its posterior aspect was closely related to the adjacent distal sigmoid colon and it appeared anteriorly adherent to the parietal peritoneum.

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