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The left ear and scalp are depicted here with the defect and the design of a posteriorly pedicled rotation-advancement flap outlined.
Pronotum twice as broad as long, and distinctly shorter in length than head length, lateral margins of pronotum anteriorly dentate, posteriorly a little sinuate, humeral angles quite subacute; length of pronotum 3.
Patient was evaluated for the fractures with Computerised Tomography of facial skeleton which showed bilateral condylar dislocation posteriorly, causing occlusion of bilateral external auditory canals, with no evidence of any condylar fractures.
Additionally the presence of hemorrhage extending more laterally and posteriorly at the foramen magnum supports a subdural location.
Flap length is raised according to raw fibrotomy site, taking care not to extend the flap to circumvallate papilla posteriorly and sparing the tip of tongue anteriorly.
Venter black with two semi-circle parallel pale line enclosing black area, broken posteriorly going around spinnerets on black area appear four silvery white hairy patches reflecting on black area.
This type of motion also carries the lateral malleolus posteriorly, through reciprocal action the fibula head glides anteriorly and superiorly.
The metaconid extends anteriorly and entoconid posteriorly and outwardly to form a thick pillar like metastylid.
in 2001 reported a case involving an 11-year-old boy with a posteriorly displaced fracture of the distal clavicle and anchoring of the medial end of the clavicle into the trapezius muscle fibers that required surgical intervention [10].
The amount of muscle released (5 mm to 10 mm) depends on the size of the osteophytes and degree of difficulty accessing the capsule posteriorly for release.
The dorsal one, the suprascapula (SS), is posteriorly bowed (Figure 2) and not connected or fused to the synarcual or the vertebral column (Figure 1); the ventral one, the coracoid bar (CB) is anteriorly bowed.