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It seemed that when the Lady Maud had not returned to the palace with Prince Richard at the proper time, the Queen had been notified and an immediate search had been instituted--a search which did not end for over twenty years; but the first fruits of it turned the hearts of the court to stone, for there beside the open postern gate lay the dead bodies of Lady Maud and a certain officer of the Guards, but nowhere was there a sign or trace of Prince Richard, second son of Henry III of England, and at that time the youngest prince of the realm.
Contract notice: Renovation market and modernization of cogeneration plants on the central site of the postern - phase 2.
The Beresfords first popped up in 1922, and their adventures spanned the next 50 years - indeed their final story, Postern of Fate, was the last novel written by Christie.
he was quoted by business portal Stockwatch as saying, possibly referring to the postern gate -- 'kerkoporta', a near-homophone to the Greek word for "metal gate" -- through which the Ottoman army penetrated the fortified walls of Constantinople, leading to the city's historic fall in 1453.
A fire in the French classroom means Miss Postern has to hot-desk with chemistry teacher Mr Church, as well as compete for the attention of Jo, his assistant in the lab.
A classroom fire sees Miss Postern hot-desking with chemistry teacher Mr Church But there's an even more alarming development for PE teacher Mr Gunn when caretaker Gareth becomes his new room-mate.
The disaster is good news for Mr Church, as Miss Postern moves into his laboratory while her room is redecorated - but they soon find sharing doesn't come naturally.
30pm Miss Postern is disappointed when it seems no one has remembered her birthday, although her spirits are soon lifted by the arrival of dashing new geography teacher Dr Dalton.
The relationship of Miss Postern and Mr Church (Walliams) has taken a downward turn following the school trip to France at the end of the first series and Mr Gunn is now teaching geography.
It opens with friction between Miss Postern and Mr Church caused by a mix-up over a date at a local restaurant.
In series two - written and starring David Walliams - Miss Postern (Catherine Tate) kicks things off with a careers workshop.
552) But to levy contingent property requires a plaintiff to pass through the postern gate of section 5232(a).