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The plaque honoring Dick Aube posthumously will be presented to his widow, Mrs.
Fleur Lombard, the first female firefighter to die in peacetime Britain in Bristol three years ago, was posthumously honoured.
Cpl Mark Wright, from the same battalion, has been posthumously awarded the George Cross, the UK's other top bravery award, for leading a dramatic rescue operation from a minefield in Afghanistan on September 6.
The three men - Thomas Brigden and William Daniels, from Birmingham, and Frank Ernest Lucy, from Worcester - were posthumously honoured for their bravery in the First World War.
Buried eight miles south of Ypres, Pte Lucy was posthumously awarded the British War Medal 1914-18 and the Allied Victory Medal 1914-19.
LANCASTER -- The Aerospace Walk of Honor posthumously got its first woman inductee: Jacqueline Cochran, who pulled herself out of poverty to become a record-setting pilot and the first woman to break the sound barrier.
Coleman, who was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for single-handedly halting an enemy column.
Rildia Bee O'Bryan Cliburn and Irl Allison were honored posthumously with the MTNA Achievement Award at the Opening Session of the 2006 MTNA National Conference in Austin, Texas.
was honored posthumously, having passed away March 25.
But none of our high honours have ever been awarded posthumously and, so far as we are concerned, never will be'.
George Kelly was posthumously pardoned 56 years after being hanged for his alleged part in the Cameo murders of 1949.
The third and briefest section contains unpublished or posthumously published poems; only two poets are included here, Dickinson and Baker.