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Demand was accommodated in proportion to unused capacity and postponable elective admissions at baseline, subject to constraints of effective capacity.
In the case of an infinitely postponable project, such as that discussed in Ingersoll and Ross (1992) and Ross (1995), RV is zero.
Although the decision of the Missouri Supreme Court is potentially ambiguous on some points, clearly the intention was to make it virtually impossible for a postponable death to occur early, at least for incompetent persons.
We asked our technologists to vote on whether they considered the projects essential, important but not essential, postponable, or not worth doing.
This sensitivity is at least in part because investment projects are often postponable to a time when economic conditions are more favorable.
Furniture is an infamously postponable purchase, and negative economic factors tend to push the category further down on the consumer's wish list.
It suggests to us that there is some inherent floor to demand for home furnishings that, although it is postponable, as we've witnessed over the past few quarters, it will eventually be compensated for in a "catch-up" period.
Interest sensitive purchases tend to be more postponable then other domestic spending and would likely fall relatively quickly as interest rates spiked.
Home furnishing items are postponable purchases," he said.
Furniture] has always been a postponable item and the consumer is feeling a bit nervous right now.