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Go, and another sitting will accomplish what you have postponed in this.
But what reason had I to suppose that I should be spared until such an event occurred, an event which might be postponed by a hundred different contingencies?
M'Lellan, who had now regained his strength, killed a buffalo, but it was some distance from the camp, and they postponed supplying themselves from the carcass until the following morning.
The announcement of his engagement could be postponed to a more suitable time.
They had even managed to avoid May's English aunt, the banker's wife, who was still in Yorkshire; in fact, they had purposely postponed going to London till the autumn in order that their arrival during the season might not appear pushing and snobbish to these unknown relatives.
He knew that his telegram must be followed by some action on his part, but at all events it postponed it.
After last night, I assure you, I am not so exceedingly anxious to see you at all; I could have postponed the pleasure for a long while.
Either I must find the man or else the examination must be postponed until fresh papers are prepared, and since this cannot be done without explanation, there will ensue a hideous scandal, which will throw a cloud not only on the college, but on the university.
Natasha repeated suddenly, only now realizing that the marriage was to be postponed for a year.
He didn't shoot me the next morning as he had promised, and it has never been clear to me why he postponed the execution of my sentence.
Said Miss Porter had already postponed the wedding on three different occasions.
Many other plans of the nations of the earth were twisted and tangled and postponed for the same reason.