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Bounderby, who had been in danger of bursting in silence, interposed here with a project for postponing the family dinner till half-past six, and taking Mr.
The Patriarch, approaching with his usual benignity, was surprised to see Mr Pancks, but supposed him to have been stimulated to an immediate squeeze instead of postponing that operation until Monday.
Mr Boffin takes Mr John Rokesmith at his word, in postponing to some indefinite period, the consideration of salary.
She, seeing that he was greatly agitated, and that the effects of postponing her revelation might be much more injurious than any that were likely to ensue from its being made at once, promised compliance, on condition that the patient kept himself perfectly quiet, and abstained from starting up or tossing about.
German MEP Alexander Graf Lambsdorff from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats said he was in favour of postponing the vote.
The fact that the Constitution and the National Elections Act, 2012 are both silent about the process of postponing general elections, the government would have initiated appropriate amendments related to general elections rather than focusing only on extending its tenure.
All the Chief Ministers, relevant Federal Ministers and other officials have been informed about the postponing of session of Council of Common Interests, however, the session has been postponed as Prime Minister is busy now this session will take place after his visit of America.
Ramadi (NINA) - The Islamic Party in Anbar criticized postponing the elections in Anbar, describing the decision as a coup against the political process in Iraq.
I do not know why they keep postponing but I think it is because they want to give themselves a chance to find a good reason if they intend to find me guilty," said Sabry.
What is the price they—and the rest of humanity—will pay for postponing Armageddon?
It said postponing the elections does not exempt the government from amending the current municipalities law as it allowed the Cabinet to postpone the elections for only 6 months.
Postponing the meeting will provide stockholders sufficient time to consider the corrected information.